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The best of the little moments

Word of the day 26/03/2012

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A state of happiness and satisfaction.


Word of the day 22/03/2012

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  1. A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
  2. The evocation of these feelings or tendencies, esp. in commercialized form.


French Toast 21/03/2012

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I love it when its just me and my thoughts, then everything around me starts fading away. In that moment I’m flown away to a place that my mind has created and only I have access to. I become unconscious to the physical world, even forget that I’m still in my pjs, in bed and will be typing this later. I love how quiet it is in there and only the things I allow in, go in. No one can question what I do or say. The thoughts belong to me and no one else. It’s my me-time.

Then when it’s time to go back to a world known to all, I love how I start hearing the littlest of sounds: ticking clocks, bird flipping its wings as it flies off outside, sound of a fly that just gone past me, the gentle sound of a door made by someone entering the house, the car driving by on the street, someone dropping something in the kitchen, the hooting car in a distance and sound of the keyboard as I type. It becomes as though my ears have been opened up for the very first time to hear the littlest of things that are ignored and forgotten when everything else comes to life.

This kind of me time, it’s none that can be taken away from me and its priceless.


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A fall of ideas 20/03/2012

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I’ve learned how important it is to always have a pen & paper with, because sometimes the best of ideas flow like raindrops.


True that! 17/03/2012

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Image ~Mahatma Gandhi


Flawless flow 14/03/2012

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Letting things BE is not always bad: When all is said and done, it’s sometimes okay to just go with the flow.


Growing Up 03/03/2012

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Its hard to be an adult in a child-like moment.
(I just left mom at the airport. And yes I cried. I guess nomatter how grown up I am, Ill always be mom’s little girl)