French Toast

The best of the little moments

*_* 23/02/2012

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Find a job that will embrace who you are and bring out the best in you. 


Wrong, Right, Left… 21/02/2012

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You know you didn’t do the right thing, when feelings of guilt and sadness start creeping in.


These wounds are self-inflicted 18/02/2012

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What sympathy do you give to someone who allow bad things to happen to them? Self-inflicted wounds.
As much as there are situations that can’t be moved or changed, we have a will to change those that can.


Satisfaction VS Dissatisfaction 16/02/2012

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Sometimes we give more to people than what we would ever get in return.



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The hardest thing about missing a loved one is the profound and immense longing that can never be put to words. It can only be expressed once you have them in your arms again.


The road ahead 14/02/2012

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I guess there is not always a way of knowing what lies ahead. All we can do is to hang on tight and hope that we don’t lose focus of what could be.


Heartless 06/02/2012

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I knew cruelty existed however never experienced it till today. A life disregarded and no emotions shown. I feel hate growing inside of me and need God to fill me with love& forgiveness. I cannot do this on my own. How can someone be so heartless?